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Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Our Bali interior designers apply creative and technical solutions within your home or structure that are functional, attractive and beneficial to your quality of life and culture.

Our interior designs respond to and coordinate with the building shell and acknowledge the physical location and social context of your project. All of our designs adhere to code and regulatory requirements and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability.

Everyone has different tastes, and it is my job to listen to what you are looking for in your briefing, and then present you with something that gives you a feeling of tranquility and happiness every time you walk into each room.

My specialty is making your rooms special, so that there is an unmistakable wow factor when people walk into a room. 


  1. Inspired by the Beauty of Bali. Where else in the world can a designer be surrounded by such unique art, amazing, vibrant culture, stunning design flair and talented artisans. Every project BDS undertake is influenced and infused with the natural beauty that surrounds us. The result is nothing short of magical.
  2. Your dream brought to life by our talented in-house digital design team.
    The latest 3D visualisation technology allows the BDS team to clearly understand your vision, and recreate it in superb AI, allowing you to “walk through” your dream home. A vital step in ensuring we’re completely clear what the end result should look like. Our augmented vision turns your project vision into near reality.
  3. Creative Uniqueness in every project. Often, Interior design firms can be restricted by a narrow range of predictable design styles. Our comprehensive design portfolio demonstrates how BDS develop some of the most stunning design concepts, all responding in a highly individual and personal way to the client’s needs and taste.
  4. Dream Interiors, on budget, on time – every time. BDS can conceptualise and deliver every aspect of your villa design project. Our network of proven, preferred tradesmen are diligently directed by us. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by putting the BDS team to work on your project!
  5. We know the relevant local rules – and how to cut through red tape.
    It’s easy to make an expensive mistake by not knowing the local rules and regulations. BDS expertise ensures your project isn’t marred by “red tape”.
  6. Passion + Pride = Perfection. We love what we do. We love to share in your dream. We love to see our joint vision unfold – and we love to see clients oozing pride and satisfaction in their villa interior. That passion drives everything we do and how we work. Ultimately, BDS clients get much more than a makeover – they get an exciting new way to live in and enjoy their Villa in Bali.

Interior Design Projects

  • Small space decorating
  • Full interior design service
  • Full renovations
  • Floor plan solutions and furniture layout
  • Final room decorating and dressing
  • Furniture design and manufacture
  • Villa refreshers
  • Pre-sale decoration
  • Soft furnishing recovering
  • Colour pallet co-ordination
  • Project management
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Villa builds
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels / apartments

About Our Agency

Our Interior design business organically grew from assisting clients on their personal and commercial projects while we were sourcing for them. We found that Sourcing Asia was an integral part of advice giving to many of our clients on the latest styles and designs and colour pallets . It was only natural that we needed to separate these into 2 different businesses so that we could maximize our offering to our clients. Now we have 2 very respected and trusted brands that individually cater to our different client’s needs.

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Bali Design Solutions is the leading sourcing agent in Bali, specializing in furniture, furnishings, handicrafts and all things Indonesia. We also offer project management and interior decoration services in Bali.

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Phone: +62 361 844 6717

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